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My Life

If you are at a point in life that requires you to consider senior care for yourself or spouse find out how Caring Senior Service can help you and your spouse continue living independently at home.

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If you are considering senior care for a patient learn how Caring Senior Service helps seniors with chronic conditions or patients transitioning home after hospitalization or rehabilitation.

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Loved One

If you are considering care for a loved one follow the link below to find out how Caring Senior Service can give you peace of mind during those times family or friends can’t be there. 

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A Tablet in Every Home.


Tablets pre-programed with our Tendio software
empower our clients.


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Our Clients Say it Best

  • I wanted to thank you and your staff for all you did for our family. I appreciate your willingness to move quickly and on such short notice.

  • Thanks for all your help! I'm so excited you guys get things in place so quickly!

  • Thanks Chris. You did a wonderful job with her, and given the chance, we will absolutely be back in touch.

  • You are doing an amazing job providing help to her, and we are very grateful for all your kindness and support. Thanks.

  • Caring Senior Service, thank you for providing care during my recovery from hip surgery. Sharon and Andrea were very attentive and caring toward me. Sharon has spent the most time with me and I so enjoyed her company and the service she gave me. Andrea was there over night when I first came home. She helped me in and out of bed when I couldn’t manage it myself and she filled in several times when others couldn’t be there. She helped me clean and organize and drove me to some appts.  You did your job well. Thank you. If I have a need at any time in the future I will again give you a call.

Helpful Resources

Senior care tools and resources 
to help families and their aging loved ones.

Surprising Health Facts of Everyday Products Cover-Web.jpg

Health Facts of
Everyday Products

Learn a list of applications
for common household items.

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Caregiver Vacation Checklist Cover-Web.jpg

Vacation Checklist

A checklist for caregivers
to take a guilt-free vacation.

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Senior Social Media Cover-Web.jpg

Social Media Guide
For Seniors

An easy guide for seniors
exploring the internet.

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Questions to Ask-Web-Square.jpg

7 Questions
You Must Ask

Learn the questions to ask 
when considering senior care.

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The True Cost of
Being a Caregiver

Learn the hidden costs of
being a family caregiver

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Your Caregiver

The most useful online
tools for the Caregiver

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Caregiver Stress
Fact Sheet

Learn the facts to avoid caregiver stress.

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Fall Prevention
Fact Sheet

Learn the steps to help reduce the chances of a fall occurring.


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Road Map to
Long-Term Care

Learn more about long-term care for you or your loved one.

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Your Guide to
Age in Place

Use this resource to help you make plans to age in place.

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10 Warning

Learn 10 Warning Signs that care may be needed.


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Home Safety

Use this assessment to make your home as safe as possible.
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Need Senior Home Care?
If you know someone that needs senior care reach out for more information.
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